Shop Like A Pro - New Videos!

Shop Like A Pro - New Videos!

Mar 20th 2019

Selecting the perfect engagement ring as a symbol of your love is an intimate and exciting moment in your relationship. The shopping process should be stress-free, memorable and fun! However, with so much information at our fingertips, the beginning of this journey can be overwhelming. Most couples face similar questions as they make this decision and we’re here to help. Read our article and watch our new educational videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select the right diamond?

Do we want a traditional diamond ring or something totally unique?

How do I choose the perfect ring and still make it a surprise?

How much time do I need to select a ring?

What are the dangers of purchasing an engagement ring online?

Answers from Robin with Johannes Hunter Jewelers

How do I select the right diamond? There are three important questions to ask yourself when selecting a diamond; Who can you trust with this purchase? Is budget or quality the deciding factor? Does your selection spark joy? The first priority in selecting a diamond should be where you purchase the diamond. We’re here to help you understand the many aspects of buying a diamond and to make you feel comfortable and excited about your final decision. The “Four C’s” are a common diamond education tool… but what do they really mean? We can help you decipher what matters to you most, whether it is staying within a certain price point or selecting the perfect size and sparkle. After we provide you with knowledge, our goal is to leave you feeling excited and confident in your selection to create the perfect ring.

Do we want a traditional diamond ring or something totally unique? Most couples choose the traditional look of a sparkling diamond ring. However, alternative colored gemstones, such as sapphires, morganite or natural colored diamonds have grown in popularity over the years and represent something truly unique.

The possibilities are limitless! Aside from a rich blue hue, sapphires are found in all colors of the rainbow, including purple, pink or even stormy grey. If vibrant red is the color of choice, then a ruby is the perfect option. For a soft and feminine look, blush pink morganite paired with rose gold creates a stunning and unique look. Diamonds can also be found in an array of dramatic colors including espresso, caramel or striking black. A unique gemstone can provide a less traditional, yet eye-catching look at the perfect price.

How do I choose the perfect ring and still make it a surprise? Whether you are confident in what your partner will love, shop together or are completely starting from scratch, we are equipped with tools to make the choice easy. Your significant other’s social media profiles are a great way to find out about their dream ring including Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. If you would like to make the choice together but still want it to be a surprise, we have an easy solution. Bring your partner into the store, have them choose three engagement rings, any of which they would love, and make the final choice and presentation the surprise. Another option is to have them come into the store, create a wishlist of jewelry, including a few engagement rings. They won’t know for sure what you are surprising them with, and you can still plan the proposal day to present an engagement ring you know they will cherish.

How much time do I need to select a ring? Timing depends on the choice of design, precious metal, center stone and finger size. Whether you select a ring from one of our many designers or you decide to create a custom ring, we suggest a three month plan. However, we have many tricks up our sleeves to accommodate a speedy deadline including sizing and setting by our in-house goldsmith or coordinating your proposal with a “stand in” ring while the final ring is being made around your center gemstone, in the precious metal of choice or correct finger size. We’ll make this memorable process effortless and stress-free!

What are the dangers of purchasing an engagement ring online? There is vast amounts of information out there, and with it comes the good and the bad. Working one-on-one with us can help you understand the endless information that is otherwise difficult to navigate during your online search. Our credentials and expertise will provide you with knowledge and peace-of-mind when choosing the right diamond or ring. We’re honored to be part of the Colorado Springs community since 1988 and take pride in our transparent, friendly and fun reputation. Enjoy the experience of talking with our trained staff who truly love helping you choose something that you will cherish for a lifetime.

A proposal is so personal. It will be a prominent day filled with special memories because of the thought and planning that went into this day. Shopping local with Johannes Hunter Jewelers will leave you feeling confident and thrilled about your ring. Plus, it’s just the beginning of your relationship with Johannes Hunter Jewelers!

Shop like a pro at Johannes Hunter Jewelers, celebrating 30 years in Colorado Springs. For additional information, check out our blog to see the “Shop Like a Pro” educational videos at

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