Man Made Diamonds

Why Doesn't Johannes Hunter Jewelers Sell Man-Made Diamonds?

You’ll hear them called lab created diamonds, synthetic diamonds, man-made diamonds - they are all manufactured by mankind in a factory environment.


*Data Source: Paul Ziminsky,

The early gem quality diamonds came onto the jewelry market based on pricing relative to mined diamonds, often 20 to 30% less than a natural diamond. As the number of producers entering the market multiplied, bringing rapid technological advances, prices began to plummet.  The manmade one carat F color, SI1 clarity diamond of Very Good – Excellent cut that one could purchase for $4,850 in 2017 can be purchased for $1360 in July 2021.

So, why doesn’t Johannes Hunter Jewelers sell manufactured diamonds?

Since opening in Colorado Springs in 1988, we have taken pleasure in providing products that retain intrinsic value as well as being beautiful and durable.  As the Chinese have become very active in diamond manufacturing, producing an estimated 60% of the global supply, price trends appear to be vulnerable to continuing downward pressure.


Until prices stabilize, we have made the decision to sell only natural diamonds.