Insurance Replacement Documents + Jewelry Appraisals Q&A

Insurance Replacement Documents + Jewelry Appraisals Q&A

Nov 20th 2018

What is an Insurance Replacement Document?

A document prepared to provide an estimate of replacement cost through Johannes Hunter Jewelers for the intended use of obtaining insurance. Any other use of this document is invalid. The replacement cost is the most common actual sales price of this item and is within the range of properties normally bought and sold by Johannes Hunter Jewelers, should a loss occur.

Is there a fee for an Insurance Replacement Document if I purchased jewelry from Johannes Hunter Jewelers?
No, we provide these documents free of charge if complete pieces of jewelry are purchased with us, upon request.

Can I get an Insurance Replacement Document for jewelry I purchased outside of Johannes Hunter Jewelers?
No. For jewelry that is not purchased with us, we recommend a Jewelry Appraisal.

Do I get an Insurance Replacement Document if I supply my own gem that will be set in a Johannes Hunter Jewelers mounting?
No, the complete jewelry item will be appraised by an independent appraiser for an additional fee, upon request.

Is an Insurance Replacement Document the same as a Jewelry Appraisal?
Basically, yes. If Johannes Hunter Jewelers has sold the item, we are legally required to call it an Insurance Replacement Document.

Does Johannes Hunter Jewelers provide Jewelry Appraisals?
Yes, we outsource Jewelry Appraisals to an independent appraiser, Anton Nash Appraisers. Julie Nash is available by appointment only most Mondays at our store. Once your jewelry is evaluated, Julie returns the completed appraisal paperwork the following Monday.

What if I don’t have time to meet with the appraiser on Monday for a Jewelry Appraisal?
If you cannot meet with Julie Nash, you can simply drop off your jewelry at Johannes Hunter Jewelers any day or time and we will have Julie appraise it during her next visit.

How much does a Jewelry Appraisal at Johannes Hunter Jewelers cost?
A Jewelry Appraisal provided by Anton Nash Appraisals through Johannes Hunter Jewelers can cost between $125 through $350 per piece of jewelry, depending on the complexity or additional attention needed.

How do I schedule a Jewelry Appraisal appointment?
Contact us to schedule an appointment here.