Alternative Engagement Ring Guide

Alternative Engagement Ring Guide

Feb 12th 2019

When searching for the perfect engagement ring, there are many options other than the traditional diamond for that special person in your life. The possibilities are endless. So where do you start?

One consideration that adds a very personal touch is your partner’s birthstone. For example, February Amethyst is a vibrant gem with a modest price point. The purple hue seen in this stone can be a stunning choice for an engagement ring set in a variety of metal options.

Combining both of your birthstones can be a very meaningful way to design a ring that has added special significance to both of you. Each month’s gemstone can be a great choice, although the October opal or May emerald may need just a bit more TLC than other stones due to their softness and characteristics.

The dazzling blue sapphire is known to most because of Princess Diana’s engagement ring which consisted of 14 solitaire diamonds surrounding an oval blue sapphire set in 18-karat white gold. However, sapphires come in all colors of the rainbow, all hues, and saturations and have a hardness of 9 out of 10 on the Mohs scale, which rates the resistance of a stone to scratches.

If red is the color of choice, then ruby is a gorgeous alternative. It is composed of the same material as sapphire, called corundum, but gets its own name because of its deep red hue. In ancient culture, it was considered the “king of precious stones.”

Morganite is a nicely priced stone which boasts a gorgeous blush-pink color. This stone, set in rose gold, is a striking alternative, especially as rose gold is a current favorite.

A natural colored diamond is totally unique. Natural colored diamonds come in many colors and no two diamonds look the same. A natural colored diamond provides the sparkle of a traditional colorless diamond, but the “one-of-a-kind look” you desire. They come in dramatic colors such as espresso and caramel, but also softer colors like natural pink.

Although JHJ carries a large variety of settings, you can still have an in-house designer work with you and your partner to design your perfect engagement ring. We carry many loose colored gemstones to choose from when starting the design process. As an American Gem Society store, we excel in rare and unusual colored stones.

Choosing the perfect engagement ring that symbolizes the love you share is an important decision. Whether you start with the stone or start with the setting, the choices are limitless.

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